Monday, February 23, 2009

New Verson of InfoNode Docking Windows

(This post is not Scala related)

I'm happy to announce the release of InfoNode Docking Windows 1.6.0. This release mainly contains fixes for some bugs which has been discovered since the previous release in 2007.

A short description of InfoNode Docking Windows is that it's a Swing based docking windows library, similar to what you find in Eclipse, Netbeans, Visual Studio etc. but more light weight. It's very easy to integrate into an existing Swing application (heavy weight components are supported as well) and it's highly customizable using a powerful properties system. Much of the window behaviors/looks can be tweaked with very little code. A number of themes are included in the distribution, and it's easy to create custom themes.

Well, a Web Start application says more than a thousand words, so why not try the demos for yourself.

InfoNode Docking Windows is dual licensed under the GPL and commercial licenses. The GPL version can be downloaded from this page.

For more information, see the InfoNode web page.